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So, I started making lunches again since I'm at school for most of the day, four days a week. I decided to start taking pictures of my bento again and this is what I have for today.


Bottom left: Simply Asia Kung Pao noodle. (half serving)
Top left: Rice under cooked green beans, edamame, and imitation crab with a small bottle of soy sauce.
Top right: Nut mixture for snack. (They're the Great Value brand and are pretty salty. I suggest moderation.)
Bottom right: Two Chip Ahoy Salted Caramel and Chocolate Chip cookies in a silicon cupcake cup and chocolate pudding. I scooped the pudding out of a Snack Pack and it was just a bit messy.
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Sturdy Bento Boxes

Does anyone have any recommendations for a sturdy bento box that can take a beating? I'm a clumsy college student that drops things a lot and the bento I have currently is too small and pops open even if you jostle it gently. A chart I read said I'd need one that was at least 600 ml.

I've looked through sites but it's hard to tell. D:

Samhain bento!

Samhain, a pagan 'day of the dead', new years and just wonderful day altogether, was the 9th of November. This bento was made with leftover carrots, the soul cakes (click for my explanation if you have no idea what this is, or what this has to do with Samhain) I made just had to be in the bento =)

They don't look so fancy, but with a story:

Representing the 4 quarters of the moon, soul cakes have been a part of Samhain, and since the middle ages of all soul's eve, for decades. Probably not very known anymore, but these do have had a major influence on history, especially in the United States (though also on the Dutch).
"Explanations on the origins of soul cakes vary. Some say that cakes were baked for the bonfires and that they were a lottery: pick the burnt cake, and you get to be the human sacrifice that ensures good crops next year. Or, soul cakes may have been tossed around an area to appease evil spirits condemned to wander in animal form." (
By the 8th century they were given to beggars going from door to door, and promised to pray for the giver's soul in return for the cookie.

They came in al shapes and sizes, some more cake-y, some more like cookies, others hard as rock. Thick, thin, with or without cross, gingery or saffrony: it's really hard to give _the_ recipe.

I like these, because of the moon reference, and the sun because of their yellow look caused by the saffron and egg yolks (hard to tell on the pic though).

I'll put two on my altar and bury them later. The rest I will eat with my housemate and boyfriend p=
The next batch had twice the thickness, btw.

Top tier contains a pasta salad based on a somen salad recipe: red onions, cucumber, tuna, yoghurt mayonnaise (I think regular tastes too fatty), shoyu and pepper and salt.
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I'm pink dabadeedabadaaaa!

Bento #61 [08.11.2010]
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I was feeling pink today, as you can see. My first attempt into making a kyaraben. The onigiri, sausages and cooked veggies were prepped yesterday so I wouldn't have to cook today, and I finished it this afternoon. I woke up with a foul mood, being homesick half a year after I've moved, so if it looks a bit rushed: True.
The pics look a bit odd here, but had no short pink or pig picks (say that fast 5 times 'pink pig picks'), but I can't possibly pick up balls of pears with my chopsticks without making a fool of myself. And I really need nori face punches >.<

The onigiri are coloured and flavoured by beetroot, with some sushivinegar and cinnamon. YUM!

10 bento's, halloween and my 50th bentoversary!

I keep forgetting to post, gome! I figured out I had numbered my bento's wrong, and actually 'missed' my 50th bentoversary, so it wasn't as spectacular as I wanted. Not at all actually. It was a simple soboro bento XD My new thermal bento! Kawaii!
My boyfriend also told me he'd rather have his food mixed (besides the sidedishes) which makes stuff a bit harder presentation-wise. But I'll just have to be creative =) We finally have the new bento's, his 1000 ml one, and my 560 ml thermos one. Looove! I notice it's a bit harder for me to fill a bigger bento, but it just means using more stuff, which in the end is good offcourse! But, on to the pictures! Small previews before, bigger pictures after the cut!

Boyfriend's bento #50, [04.10.2010] Boyfriend bento, #51 [07.10.2010] Her bento #52 [10.10.2010] His bento, #53 [10.10.2010] His bento, #54 [21.20.2010] Her bento, #55 [21.10.2010]

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Back online

Although I am back online, I am not able to make bentos again just yet. One: I am not working at the moment so there is no need for bentos for myself or others just yet. Two: there is no room in the kitchen at the moment to make the bentos. Although, my boyfriend's sister does work, I could offer to make her cute vegetarian friendly bentos. I see opportunities here. ^_^

No more bentos.

At least for the time being. I know I haven't been posting any bento boxes lately, but that's only because I wasn't making any since I couldn't find the time to go to the store to get what I needed since the Marukai that I can go to is so far from where I live and without a car it's kinda hard to get the time to go when you need to ask for a ride. Anyway, another reason why there will not be any bentos from me for quite awhile is because I got fired from my job and I am now moving out of state to live with some of my extended family. Maybe as soon as I find another job or start going to school, I will start making bentos again, this time for not just me, but for my honey too. :) Hopefully I'll be making bentos again soon. I might even make them for my other family members too, like my sis-in-law and/or bro-in-law. I think that sis-in-law will like them, but I'm not sure. I'd have to ask her. Well, that's all for now. See everyone again soon, I hope. :) Ja!