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Eat my Bento!

Share Bento recipes and tutorials!!

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All Members , Moderated
Share ideas, recipes and tutorials on how to make a creative bento!!
This community was created to give everyone who is interested in making Bento boxes a place to share their love for creative kitchen!
You can post everything Bento related here, but the main purpose of the community is to share recipes and tutorials on "how to" make nice compositions and yummy meals, so please try to stick to that.
Due to the high number of members in the community, we have some simple rules that all posting members are kindly required to follow.

Posts must only deal with bento boxes made by or for the person who is posting. Do not steal other people's ideas and don't claim other people's stuff as yours! You can still post stuff you got from websites if you feel like sharing with fellow members, but make sure you provide a link to the original post.

Pictures are always very welcome! Especially when you are posting a step by step recipe or tutorial, please make sure you have some pictures to share! If posting more than one picture in the same post, please put all the pictures but the first one under a cut. Pictures shouldn't be too big (not everyone has a fast connection!!), let's say MAX 500px for a preview will be ok.

Tag your entries! Please use the tags, so that people can search the database better! Here are some of the tags available...
[question] - if you have a question on "how to" make something bento related.
[recipe] - if you're posting a recipe
[tutorial] - if you're posting a tutorial about how to get certain shapes, effects, designs, patterns... etc
[pictures] - if you're just posting pictures of your bento boxes for everyone to enjoy!
Other tags that you might find relevant (vegetarian, glutenfree, ecc...) are possible, if you would like to have a tag with your username, please let me know.
A tip and how-to tag properly can be found -here-.

I just would like to bring to your attention the fact that all the intro posts are kind of flooding people's friends pages (I personally don't mind, but it's totally understandable that out of 2000+ members someone can actually find it slightly annoying), so I think that we are adopting a "Intro Posts Policy", that is: if you want to post an introduction about you, feel free to do so, but PLEASE make sure there is some kind of BENTO RELEVANT CONTENT included.
If you still would like to introduce yourself, please do it HERE.
The first post from each member will be moderated, just to avoid having intro posts still appearing on the webpage. Once I see you read the rules and that you can follow them, you'll have FREE posting access.

Before asking questions, please have a look through community posts (you can search using the tags), since it's possible that someone already asked something very similar or posted a tutorila on the exact thing you were going to ask. This goes especially for very common questions, like where you can find bento boxes in your area, or how to make certain things (like onigiri... we've had a whole load of posts about that!!). If you don't find anything related to what you're looking for, you're more than welcome to ask.

6. Have fun!
If you are a Bento related items seller on the net and would like to adverstise your store, or if you had a good experience with a seller and want to share the news please leave a commente to the RECOMMENDED STORES post.
You can also recommend stores in your area for other people to enjoy!
Eat_my_bento requires a lot of work and time for everything to run smoothly, therefore the mods always welcome some help! If you would like to be a co-mod and be in charge of small duties (like adding relevant posts to the memories, check the tags, ask questions, please let me (para_giaulz) know! I'll add a proper application post asap, in the meantime, if you wish, please look for "mods post" in the tags and leave a comment to any of my posts, thanks!
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